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New Book Teaches Script Reading Skills That Are
Key to Advancing Hollywood Career

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>>> Screenplay Story Analysis: The Art and Business teaches how learning the business of reading scripts can improve your writing, advance your Hollywood career and help you better navigate the road to the top.

LOS ANGELES (October 1, 2007) – If you are passionate about film, like to read and write, and want to build a career in Hollywood, the best place to start is as a professional story analyst. By learning how to craft a two to six page script evaluation, called "coverage," you can quickly become an integral part of the Hollywood community, take your creative abilities to the next level, and make money doing it.

Who uses coverage? Everybody in the industry! For the purposes of gatekeeping, feedback, information, and sales.

Learn the process, understand how and why scripts are evaluated, and become part of "the system" with Asher Garfinkel, who has read thousands of scripts through his Los Angeles based coverage and consulting service, Readers Unlimited ( His new book, Screenplay Story Analysis: The Art and Business (Allworth Press: May, 2007), delivers a practical and comprehensive look at the basic skills and techniques needed to write coverage and offers writers an opportunity to crawl into the minds of those who will be examining their work.

"So many successful writers and other entertainment personnel have gotten their start as script readers," says Garfinkel. "For example, Michael Arndt who wrote Little Miss Sunshine, or former Paramount chief Sherry Lansing."

Another example of a story analyst turned success story is Craig Perry, who produced the films of the American Pie and Final Destination franchises. Perry also wrote the foreword for Screenplay Story Analysis , where he comments, "Whether doing coverage is a short-term or long-term plan for you, it's a great way to build your storytelling and writing skills. And these skills are essential for many a job in Hollywood. This book will prepare you fully for the job of story analyst as well as much, much more."

Garfinkel's tactics and explanations are clear, concise and give you something you can start working with from page one. The author shares his knowledge of all of the basics along with tips on the business aspect of being a story analyst. He includes:
  • Terms and story elements all professional readers (and writers) must know
  • Standard coverage format and content
  • Thought processes involved in reading and evaluating a screenplay
  • Methods for sharpening your analytic skills
  • How to acquire work as a professional story analyst
  • Finding, nurturing, and keeping clients
With insights from esteemed industry professionals, Screenplay Story Analysis is essential reading for both aspiring and established script readers, screenwriters, agent trainees, producers, directors, development executives, story editors, assistants, interns, film professors, film critics and students.

Hollywood Professionals Recommend Garfinkel's Approach in Screenplay Story Analysis:

"I owe my career to my start as a script reader. If you hope to fight your way into the movie business and maximize your opportunities when they come, read this book. You will learn what it took me years of trial and error to master."
—Mark Ordesky, Executive Vice President, Production, New Line Cinema

"Fresh, lucid, upbeat, and peppy. Here is a book that is essential not for prospective story analysts alone, but for all screenwriters as it illuminates the Byzantine netherworld of 'development hell.' And it does so not with cynicism, but optimism, encouragement, and affirmation."
—Richard Walter, UCLA Screenwriting Department Chair

"Whether you're seeking a career in Hollywood or are a budding screenplay writer, I recommend that you add this book to your library."
—Patricia Fry, President, Small Publishers and Writers Network (SPAWN)

Screenplay Story Analysis is available in better bookstores and via major online retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The distributor is Watson-Guptill Publications.

Backstory: Expert Script Reader and Consultant Asher Garfinkel

From Hollywood to Harvard, Asher Garfinkel has presented his screenplay analysis workshop. Over the past fifteen years, Garfinkel has worked in production and development for studios such as New Line Cinema and Paramount, for independent film companies such as Alliance Atlantis and Sun Moon & Stars Entertainment, for feature directors including Peter Medak and Brett Ratner, and for producers like Paul Webster. Asher holds an MFA in screenwriting from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television.

Interested in a direct dialogue with the author or have a few questions about script coverage? Email him at or visit

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Download this Press Release in PDF format

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